Survey says: social and mobile are the keys to holiday success – webinar preview

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The pivotal role social media and mobile are poised to play this holiday season — and the implications for merchants — will be a key topic discussed during tomorrow’s webinar with MarketLive CEO Ken Burke and Lauren Freeman of the E-Tailing Group.

They’ll share results of the 2014 Marketlive/E-Tailing Group Consumer Shopping Survey, with 1,000 participants sharing their views on everything from Amazon to email marketing.

While the influence of social networks on the eCommerce bottom line is subject to ongoing debate, significant proportions of shoppers in the survey reported factoring in social opinions during holiday shopping. Close to a third of participants (30%) say they’ve made purchases as a direct result of interations on social media.

The findings track earlier data from the MarketLive Performance Index showing that social’s role in purchasing, while still small, is growing at a significant rate. In the second quarter, revenues generated via social media grew close to 15% year over year, even as traffic from social media sites grew at a more modest rate of 2.49%.

The survey also revealed that a smooth mobile experience could be the top differentiator this season when it comes to driving sales growth.

Fully 56% of survey participants say they plan to spend about the same amount of money on holiday gifts this year as they did in 2013, making for an ultra-competitive season as merchants aim to win a larger share of sales despite overall flat spending. In fact, shoppers reported they planned to do less buying in every channel or location except on mobile devices, where more than a third of participants plan to shop — a 28% increase.

shoppingsurvey_channelusage2014The webinar will address:

  • Gifting trends, such as how many gifts shoppers plan to purchase, and when
  • Top barriers to gift purchasing online
  • Which social networks generate the most shopping influence
  • The top ways shoppers share product information socially
  • The mobile features users seek while shopping in-store
  • What would nudge mobile shoppers to become mobile buyers
  • How mobile impacts email marketing effectiveness
  • And more

Register now and join us tomorrow, Wednesday, Oct. 9, at 10 a.m. Pacific time. We look forward to the discussion!


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