How to take advantage of widespread geo-location usage

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The Pew Internet & American Life Project recently reported that 28% of all Americans use location-based services through their cell phones and social networking activities – either tapping the GPS functionality of their mobile devices or posting current location data with status updates to social media sites.

That number is impressive, suggesting merchants should ramp up mobile efforts to take advantage of the trend. Further, the data suggests how merchants can map the journey into geo-location.

Charts from Pew Internet & American Life study  srcset=According to the Pew report, most location-based usage is centered around looking up directions and getting local recommendations – fully 23 percent of U.S. adults use such tools. By contrast, just 4% of adults use so-called “geosocial” services requiring them to explicitly “check in” to locations, while 7% of adults tag their locations on social media.

These numbers suggest that merchants would do well to first ensure they’re covering the fundamentals when it comes to geo-location services – starting with:

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